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Prashar Lake Winter Trek

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5 Nights - 6 Days
Tour Details

Fenced amongst the lofty Dhaladhar ranges of the Kulu valley is a small blue watered lake called Prashar. The lake known to locals is a well-maintained secret in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. The march to Prashar Lake holds its charisma by following a beautiful trail that goes through a series of reserved forest cover, small rivulets and scenic pasture-lands. In the interim one can relish the local “pahadi” village culture as the trail goes through the muddy tarred path of the local villages here. The trail is quiet enjoyable and gives a breathtaking view of Dhauladhar, PirPinjal and Kinnaur mountain ranges.

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Day 1Baggi Village to Prashar Lake (Baggi Village – Altitude: 4438 feet (1353 meter) Prashar Lake – Altitude: 8477 feet (2584 meter))

The journey starts from Baggi Village which is almost 26 km from Mandi. Aroad which goes half a km before Prashar Lake may be bad in condition due to neglect and extreme monsoon.

Baggi is a trivial township connected via motorable road. Once you get off the road we proceed straight ahead till the road takes a U-turn. Follow the track along the streams that flow beautifully. After a walk of 10 minutes the trail from here is a steady incline. A walk of 15 to 20 minutes on this off track will help you reach a bend where there is a small stream coming down.

This is the 1st Landmark of the trek.
1st Landmark:

We can look from a small path climbing up the forest edge. 2 minutes later of uphill hike, the trail will split into 2 ways. Take the one going to up the forest.

A 30 to 40 minutes of hard climb, we can temporarily set relax. We can start the trek in the forest ridge. After 15 minutes of uphill hike, the forest cover will clear up for a brief moment. Snow-capped view of the Dhauladhar range is visible in the background. We can view from here for a Trident of Lord Shiva engraved on the ground and perhaps the 2nd Landmark of the trek.

2nd Landmark:

A water pipe running from Prashar Lake to Baggi can be seen here. We enter a similar territory mounting rapidly up the forest ridge. The trail remains consistent for another 30-45 minutes after which you see the forest clearing zones.After a 15 minute walk up the thick timberland will help you reach a leveled ground which is the 3rd Landmark of the trek.

3rd Landmark:

The track may have certain section of hard ice. The sudden climb up till the 4th landmark is 30 to 45 minutes of cautious trek is liable upon the nature of snow. The 4th landmark of the trek is a series of shepherd huts on a smoothed space on the top of a hill.

4th Landmark:

The huts belong to the country dwellers and are used in religious ceremonies in Prashar and during the festive season. Take a grand view of Dhauladhar, Pirpinjal and Kinnaur peaks. The whole area is carpeted in snow and isvivid. The well-known Prashar Lake lies right at this point. At this point Prashar is another 800 mtsaway from here.As you near Prashar edge, you can observe the fenced boundary installed by Forest Department. This demarks the sacred grounds of Prashar. After 20 to 30 minutes of snow walk you find an entrance to Prashar Lake site. Look for a series of wooden huts and a local temple next to a semi-frozen lake.

Day 2Prashar Lake to Baggi Village

To reach Baggi you’ll have to take the same route that you took to visit Prashar.There may be numerous slippery points while descending. Keep a look out for hard ice. Nearby is a 12 km trek to Tunga Mata temple above the Prashar Lake is a viable excursion one can do when camping at Prashar Lake. The track is a steep climb of the mountain ridge at the back of the lake. The view from here of the lake and the landscape is spectacular.