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Buran Ghati Trek

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6 Nights - 7 Days
Tour Details

Upholding the most scenic beauty the Buran Ghati trek is the best among all others.

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Day 1Getting to Janglik

Janglik is the last motorway head before the start of the trek which is 48 kms from Rohru. The way to Janglik is not an easy one.

If you are alone take a shared vehicle from Rohru to Chirgaon. A shared vehicle generally leaves Rohru every 10-15 mins. Chirgaon is a local hub. Change vehicles here for Tonglu. This is the difficult part. It may take an hour or two for a vehicle to come. Another option is to take a vehicle to Damvari, a village in between Chirgaon and Tonglu and wait for a connection there.

From Tonglu you need to walk to Janglik. It is first a sharp descent to the Pabbar River followed by a steep climb to Janglik. The entire walk is on the motorable dirt road. The journey is adventurous.

Janglik is a small township. The villagers are welcoming. You can pitch your tents for the night. The next morning we start from Rohru to Janglik and the street follows the blue waters of the Pabbar River. This is an exquisite ride and the road climbs up gracefully along the Pabbar. The road at Tikri, just after Chirgaon, takes two hours along the dirt track to get to Tonglu. The track drops down to the river, and climbs to Janglik in rapid bends.

Day 2Janglik to Dayara

The trek has to be experienced to believe in it. It is one of the most beautiful treks of your life. We start the climb for Janglik. The hike, however is stunning, but is speedy. You can view the Janglik, Tonglu and other villages behind you soon within an hour.

Taking the gradual pleasant track into the oak and pine forest the trail through the forest is just the treat that you have been waiting for.

30 minutes later, the track pops out of the tree line into a vast area of meadows and hills. It is a startling view. Ahead, you can view the white snow patches. The trail from here is well defined and broad.

Forty five minutes later, we enter another splendid forest of pine and oak — this time it is thicker and denser. We are again out in an opening with a beautiful view in front of us as a part of a large opening of the ground. The view is magnificient and thrilling. Almost perfectly landscaped meadows of Dayara lie in front of you. Enjoy the grand view, as the first sight of the Dayara meadows. Pitch your camps for the day.

Day 3Dayara to Litham

We start early with the sunrise. A walk on the meadows needs to be relished by every trekker.

The hike to Litham carries on the trail that traverses across the meadows towards the Gunas Pass. A track moderately mounting up enters a clump of pine forest. From here inclining slightly through the beautiful forest, the trail gets to a stream that needs to be leaped over.

Get a wide view of the snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar range and the Gunas Pass. Just as the trail takes the curve is splendid background of the grasslands leading down into the dark depths of pine forests about 300 feet below. You also enter another beautiful forest of the Silver Birch (Bhoj). We take a break, refresh here and climb out of the fold to your first clear view of Litham.

Litham from here is still some distance away. It takes about an hour to get to Litham. The walking is exquisite.

Litham has elegant views. You can get a view of the Chandranahan waterfall, beyond which is the Chandranahan Lake. The towering snow clad mountains skin the Buran Ghati but set a heart fluttering experience and hope of a great adventure ahead. On the right you can see the snow patched cliffs of the Rupin valley. You arrive at the Litham campsite which is a vivid nest of beauty, the last of the great pastures of the trek.

Day 4Litham to Dunda (4-5 hours)

Trekking to Dunda is a perfect destination for the trekkers. The pass can be seen at all times throughout the trek. Dunda is completely snow bound until the middle of June. Early trekkers in the season need to find an alternative camping ground at Dunda and fortunately the Buran Ghati trail has a few options to try out. As you trek out of Litham, follow the descending trail to the Pabbar River. The river is unstable here and getting a spot to cross can be time consuming. Witness the Dhauladhar range over the trail along with the Gunas pass on top of the snowy edges of the grey mountains. The Pabbar River now becomes a sharp stream descending rapidly. The track takes a sharper ascent. As you continue to trek up the left bank of the river you get the first view of the Buran Ghati.

The flat grounds here are a good place to camp if Dunda is out of bounds. Dunda from this point is still a thousand feet climb out of the valley. Continue to trek up and cross the Pabbar again to start the climb to Dunda. The trek is an hour climb that will bring you to the ridge top of Dunda. At Dunda you get extremely clear views of Buran Ghati. The camp is in an alpine zone.

Day 5Excursion to Chandranahan Lake (6-7 hours)

This is an optional day trek for the entire excursion to the Chandranahan Lake. The lake is a glacial lagoon that is perennially fed by snow flanks of mountains. It is not a very big lake, but trekking upto it is an exciting journey. Cross and continue upstream. The trail climbs quickly to a ridge top. Continue along the trail that rises rapidly towards the snout of the waterfall from where the stream emerges. The time taken is about an hour and a half to reach to the snout of the waterfall, marked by beautifully placed stone cairns.

The lake is nestled in a bowl like glacial arena. In between are grassy patches that protrude out of the snow. Little waterfalls that turn into brooks tickle down to the lake.

You can spend time viewing the sights around you before heading back to Litham.

Day 06Dunda to Munirang via Buran Ghati (8 hours)

We continue towards Dunda on day 6 of our excursion.
A good thing about camping at Dunda is its closeness to Buran Ghati. The climb is a 2 hour trek. The snow bound pass climb is steep in some stretches and requires firm footing.

As you trek out of the Dunda campsite, follow the ridge until you get to the base of the rock fall. Buran Ghati is a 15,000 ft thrilling climb. The first snow is 100 meters below the pass, is your first objective. It takes about 2 hours to get to the end of the snow line. The view of the valley is beautiful and lush green. A flat small field is a good place to camp. Carry on the trek on the well marked trail, sticking to a lower trail that descends to the valley. We reach Munirang which is a perfect camping ground. The views here of the snow patched descent to the Buran pass are magnificient.

Day 07Munirang to Baruva village ( 4 hours)

The descent to the Baruwa village is known for the variety vegetation and diversity.

An hour and half later the trail descends to a large gushing stream thundering to meet the Baruva Khud. Here the entire view of the Baruva village hanging on the ridge below can be seen. Witness the apple and the orange orchards. We head towards Karcham a junction where roads from Rekong Peo and Sangla meet. We connect here for Shimla.