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Top 5 Indian Places To Visit In Summer

The schools are going to get close soon and your little monsters vacation will start in just a few days. So, before they make your life hell, by asking questions where are we going on vacation, what are we doing on vacation and when will we go and become unstoppable,  plan something for them.  Plan the vacation in advance and give them a huge surprise.

As it is summer, the temperature remains at its peak in the most part of the country. Yet there are many places present within Indian itself, where you can enjoy the cool breezes, lush green valleys, trench, snow capped mountains, etc.  Have a look at 5 top places in India, where you can visit during summer.

Northern Part Of India To beat The Heat

When the temperature in most part of India remains between 39-49 degree, some northern part of India witness the excellent cool weather. The temperature here hand around between 25 to 30 degree, which offer the excellent condition for spending the holiday with friends and family. And if you are lucky, you can have the view of snow as well, yes during summer, you can see snow at high altitudes. You can start your trip from

Kulu and Manali

The spots are close to each other, so if you are visiting Kulu don’t miss Manali and vice versa. Here you can enjoy all adventurous activities such as paragliding, river rafting, trekking, climbing, etc. Because Himachal Pradesh is present at the bottom of Himalaya, the weather here remains cool all through the year. And thus, it offers the finest condition for adventure lovers.


This was the summer capital of the British during their regime in India. Along with enjoying the pleasant weather here during summers, you can please your senses looking at beautiful green valleys, colonial influence and many-many breathtaking scenes.


It is also called as India’s Scotland, because of its incredible beauty. The sights of the valley on one side and snowy mountain on the other side can be commonly seen anywhere in Dharamshala.

Southern part Of India To Enjoy trill


Yes, summer is really hot and humid in Goa, but the option of fun is unlimited here still. The best thing about visiting Goa during summer is, you get less crowd here and thus, get complete freedom to enjoy, beaches, food, local market, water sports, jungle trip and much more.


The azure beaches of Andaman soothe eyes in all season. You can come here during summers to enjoy the splash of waves. During summer, the beach beauty gets double here and every nooks and cranny of Andaman have something enigmatic to watch.




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