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India is a beautiful multilingual and multicultural country with enchanting natural beauties. However, the charm of visiting a foreign land is almost often undeniable. Though it may seem that an international trip will burn a huge hole in our pockets, it is not completely true. There are many international destinations which are quite affordable and in fact may be cheaper than some of the domestic destinations. Take a look at...
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Things to Do in Thailand
one of the most preferred locations in South-East Asia, Thailand is known for its many islands, palaces, temples and ancient ruins. The country is a perfect amalgamation of tradition and modern, offering something for every tourist. Visit Thailand for serene beaches, ancient temples, opulent palaces and a happening nightlife. Apart from the capital city of Bangkok, a few of the most famous locations in the country are Pattaya, Phi Phi...
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One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, is the capital of France. That itself is the selling point to visit this country at the earliest. Situated in Western Europe, France is an amalgam of beautiful alpine villages, medieval cities, and Mediterranean beaches. The cultural capital of the country, Paris, is home to many artists and houses the Louvre museum, and the world renowned Eiffel Tower. Apart from...
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Top Things to Do in Italy in a week
The jewel of the Mediterranean, Italy, is well remembered from geography lessons as the country appearing as the lady’s boot on the world map. It is full of beautiful art and architecture. There is so much diversity in Italy, that it is a must visit place while going on a Europe tour. However, a trip to Italy in itself is very exhilarating and enriching. With cities such as Rome (home...
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things to do in rajasthan
Rajasthan is one the biggest states in India and still holds its vibrancy as well as its ancient royal ethics and values. From temples to majestic palaces, from desserts to lakes to scenic beauty, Rajasthan encompasses everything that you would love to explore on a vacation. If you are planning to go on a vacation in Rajasthan and wondering what to do and where to go, then here are a...
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