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Top 5 Places To Travel In June July
Top 5 places to travel in June – July June – July is the time of the year when the summer season in India breaks even and the people await the monsoons. With schools closed in majority of the states in the country, families look forward to traveling to places for rest and leisure. Here’s a list of places that are assessed as key and topmost destinations to travel to...
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Hill Stations Near Delhi To Visit In June – July Delhi inmates, are your children pestering for a weekend getaway? Is it becoming quite a challenge to handle the sweltering heat of the summer? Are your children tugging your shirts as they are hit by boredom due to closed schools for summer? Here are some options for you to plan the perfect, small holiday near Delhi. Many hill stations near...
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Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh June-July
Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh June-July Trekking is an act of hiking or travelling through valleys and mountains in exploration of scenery and nature’s abundance. In India, the northern region is known for its picturesque landscapes that can be reached via trekking through the mountainous areas. Himachal Pradesh is an Indian State that has the terrain that aids in trekking through the mountains. The trekking experience can vary from easy...
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Famous Historical Monuments In India
10 Famous Historical Monuments In India The sub-continent, India, has a rich heritage that is renowned and attracts many people for a visit. The diverse culture that has been prevalent since time immemorial has given rise to several monuments that bear witness to the history of Indian culture. Let’s see through the most famous of them here   A immortal symbol of love to encompass the mortal remains of a...
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Best Place For Summer Vacation In India With Family The heat of summer with its soaring temperatures and sultry winds forces the families to stay indoors most of the times. It is a Herculean task to confine the children to their homes since their schools are closed too. So break free and take a vacation along with your families to exotic locations that can relieve you of the summer pangs....
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