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Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh June-July

Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh June-July

Trekking is an act of hiking or travelling through valleys and mountains in exploration of scenery and nature’s abundance. In India, the northern region is known for its picturesque landscapes that can be reached via trekking through the mountainous areas. Himachal Pradesh is an Indian State that has the terrain that aids in trekking through the mountains. The trekking experience can vary from easy ones to the most challenging types. Despite the challenges that the trekking folks face, the overall experience with the mountains of Himachal Pradesh will be the best and a memory that you will cherish

Easier trekking paths

For the adventure lovers and who are seeking easier paths for trekking, Himachal Pradesh has Beas Kund Trek and Indrahar Pass Trek. Both are relatively at lower altitudes. Beas Kund Trek allows you to pass through the stunning Kullu valley and enters the Beas Kund glacier, from where River Beas originates. Indrahar Pass Trek can be traversed easily too, as it is frequented by the Gaddi shepherds for summer grazing. A good view of the sacred peak of Manimahesh Kailash alongside the Pir Panjal ranges is the major attraction of this trek.

Moderate trekking options

The Kareri Lake trek enables you to see the Kareri Lake that is formed by the melted waters from the Mankiani Peak. This is a high altitude trekking through the alpine forests and is normally recommended for experienced trekkers. Chandratal Baralacha Trek gives you the experience of walking on the moon. Also referred to as the Moon Lake trek, the experience of travelling amidst lush green vegetation, colorful orchids and water bodies is quite enriching. Pin Parvati Pass Trek boasts of a challenging route that is between Pin valley on Spiti side and Parvati valley on Kullu side. There are other trek routes like Hampta Pass Trek and Deo Tibba Trek too that are moderately challenging yet are adventurous.

Enduring the challenges – the tough ones

The Bhabha Pass Trek is phenomenally a challenging travel that one can try in the month of July. The trekking trail through the Himalayan mountain ranges are impressive and covers several historical places such as monasteries on the route making the travel experience quite enjoyable. Another challenging trek awaits the trekkers with the Bara Bhangal trek and it gives the people a good view of the Western Himalayas at a considerable high altitude. You can walk through the alpine forests and see many wildlife on your climb in the Bara Bhangal trek.

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