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Best Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh

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The best time for the vacation in India is between October to March, this is the time when the weather here remains the finest by and large, but it is not like India does not offer vacation options to travel lovers during summers. There are hill stations present in India, that attract both local and international tourists during summers and Himachal Pradesh remains on the top of their list. Himachal Pradesh is the northernmost state of India and it is best known for snow-capped mountains, lofty hills, lush green valley, several breathtaking sights and mesmerizing view of Himalayas.

The state is well connected to the capital city of India, Delhi and states Punjab and Jammu Kashmir by road and airways both, but if you are travelling Himachal Pradesh from Delhi or other adjoining states, then it is best that you choose other modes of transportation as airway in Himachal Pradesh is costliest in the World in terms of per unit charge. In addition, you would not be able to save much time with this option.

Top Things You Can Do In Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is referred as Dev Bhoomi in India and it is the land which is the most pious. The whole Himachal Pradesh offers you the view of lush green hills and valleys, but you rejuvenate and enthrall your senses by visiting the top cities and spots of Himachal such as Shimla, Chail, Narkanda, Tattapani, Naldehra, Kasauli, Barog, Kullu, Solan, Manali, Manikaran, Naggar,  Mandi, Keylong, Joginder Nagar, Chamba, Nahan and Kangra. Each place is beautiful “Adobe of pictures”

Adventure Activities In Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is home to only natural ice skating rink in South Asia. So, for skating lovers, this is the place, the Rohtang Pass is for those who come to Himachal Pradesh for icy delights. The trekking lovers can move to Bara Bengal, Chanderkhani pass, Borasu pass, for the top grade trekking experience. The landscape is full of options when it comes to adventure. The towering peaks, fascinating rivers and challenging terrains are a big treat for those who love adventure. The place offers the perfect atmosphere for activities like skiing, Heli-skiing, Ice skating, paragliding, camping and many more. Basically, Himachal Pradesh offers a complete adventure and sightseeing packages to tourists around the year. And the government of the state is offering complete security for all tourists coming here.

The package for Himachal Pradesh Tour can be booked online or with the help of travel planners.

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